PAR believes those directly affected by adoption policy should be in the forefront of creating, evaluating, and implementing that policy. We believe that adoption policy should be based on the strengths–not the stereotypes or deficits–of the adoption community. Finally, we believe that community experience, human rights frameworks, research, practice experience, and history should inform every adoption policy made in our commonwealth.  PAR is built upon these principles.
These principles are central to our goal to restore the right of Pennsylvania-born adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates the same way as every person who is not adopted. PAR is the leading resource for this movement in Pennsylvania.

Your PAR Legislative Advocacy Team:

Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston, adult adoptee
Priscilla Sharp, original mother
Kristi Lado, adult adoptee
Jenna Shank, adult adoptee
Julie Sterner, adult adoptee
Julie Stromberg, adult adoptee
Mary O’Leary Wiley, adult adoptee
Karen Fetrow, original mother
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