01/24/15 Call-to-Action

HB 162 was released to circulate the House of Representatives this week to obtain co-sponsors. If you haven’t already, please contact your Representative if he/she is not listed as a co-sponsors and as for their support. Need help locating your Representative? Click here.

Co-Sponsors as of 1/22/15:

Diamond, Russ

Lawrence, John

Gingrich, Mauree

Metcalfe, Daryl

Harkins, Patrick

Baker, Matthew

Bloom, Stephen

Costa, Dom

Davis, Tina

Everett, Garth

Flynn, Marty

Godshall, Robert

Heffley, Doyle

James, R. Lee

Kauffman, Rob

Knowles, Jerry

Maloney, David

Pickett, Tina

Rozzi, Mark

Sonney, Curtis

Watson, Kathy


A grassroots advocacy group empowering adoptees and their families since 2009.

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